POP GOES THE CULTURE: Depp exploring comedic depths

After Johnny Depp's brief, but very funny cameo in the recent comedy "21 Jump Street," I found myself wondering about his sense of humor and whether the guy even possessed one.

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21 Jump Street Movie Review
This is my review of latest buddy cop/ comedy film, 21 Jump Street. This film is based off a TV show from the 80's that starred Johnny Depp. Enjoy!… Read the rest
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Johnny Depp – Johnny Depp Crucial To 21 Jump Street

Johnny Depps 21 Jump Street cameo was crucial to the movie Star and executive producer Jonah Hill says he always wanted Johnny to make an appearance in the big screen adaptation of the TV show which made him famous and believes the Hollywood…

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Revealed: Johnny Depp's One Condition For Making His '21 Jump Street' Cameo

The movie version of "21 Jump Street" hits theaters on Friday, featuring a cameo from original series star Johnny Depp, and Access Hollywood has new information on what brought the superstar to the fold.

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Vancouver Sun’s Maggie Langrick recalls the unknown Johnny Depp

Young Vancouver actor brushed with fame on 21 Jump Street.

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Johnny Depp makes a

For those who think that “21 Jump Street” is nothing without Johnny Depp, there’s good news. The famous actor makes a lighthearted cameo in the new movie, returning to the franchise that launched him as an actor more than 20 years ago. (Warning: some spoilers ahead.) Screenwriter Michael Bacall…

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Johnny Depp Thinks He’s Too Smart for Wichita

The Players:  Johnny Depp, a sometimes sell-out actor whose latter Pirates of The Carribbean flicks we forgive because it’s easy to admire a guy who started on 21 Jump Street and given us What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Ed Wood, and Sweeney Todd; Wichita, Kansas home to Wichitans who aren’t ready to forgive Depp for The Rum Diary.Related: ‘The Rum Diary’ Tanks; Coen Brothers Want Timberlake for …

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Johnny Depp may return to series TV — as a producer

Johnny Depp — the genuflected-at actor who first became a household name in Stephen J. Cannell’s ‘80s cop drama “21 Jump Street” — might be returning to series TV. This time he’d be the producer of a period drama that he’s developing for Lifetime cable network. The project is about Billy Wilkerson, the dapper, dubious founder of the trade paper the Hollywood Reporter. Read full article >>

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