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What a great Johnny Depp character in Alice in Wonderland. The movie is just as creep as the author of original story (Lewis Carroll) wanted it to be. This is a world of teasing, tormenting, and puzzles for Alice to try to solve. Wonderland is not a place that many children would want to go to and the challenges that Alice faces are not something many children would enjoy.

The Tim Burton version of this story with Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter is very dark, twisted, and incredibly creative. Wonderland is a split land with the Mad Hatter trying to help Alice to restore it to the world it once was. It is not a cartoon and it is not necessarily meant for young children since this movie has been known to even creep out a few adult viewers.

Many think that Alice in Wonderland is supposed to be a story for children, but Tim Burton answers all the questions about the book and the original versions of the story by giving it the dark and twisted feel that it is supposed to have. This is not a children’s story and many believe it was never meant to be a children's story at all. There is certainly a little sadism hidden in the world that Lewis Carroll originally created.

The appearance and the uniqueness that Burton creates in all the characters in the Alice in Wonderland is simply amazing. These classic characters have never come to life in such a way and it just seems like they all fit perfectly right into the world of Wonderland. The landscape is amazing and why the people of wonderland can see the sky from underneath the earth is a question that may never be answered.

Basically the story is about a young girl named Alice who escapes from her boring life into the world of Wonderland. She cannot remember that she has been there before and all the characters in Wonderland continue to question whether or not she is the right "Alice" or not. They continually torment and tease her about it and she does not always take it all that well.

The Mad Hatter helps her out and is a bit understanding of her. They create a bit of a bond and help each other out throughout the movie. There are two queens, an evil one and a good one, and they are also sisters. The most famous line from the movie may be the Red Queen (the evil one) saying, "Off with their heads".

This is certainly a must see for anybody that enjoys Tim Burton movies and especially the ones that feature Johnny Depp. The Mad Hatter is a great character for Depp and he pulls it off very well. It is a crazy, twisted story that is very entertaining and will have you enjoying the interaction of all the characters for the full 108 minutes that it runs.

Alice in Wonderland is available in both 2D and 3D, but if you want to see all the amazing colors and props that Burton uses it is necessary to see it in 2D. It gets a bit cluttered and many things can become very distracting in the 3D version.


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